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REVIEW // We are Scientists @ LUU

On Saturday 8th of March, We Are Scientists hit Leeds University Union presenting their new album ‘TV en Francais’. The gig kicked off with support from Superfood and the Heartbreaks, who both played an impressive set leading onto We Are Scientists’ performance. To say that ‘WAS’ pleased the crowd would be a massive understatement, not only was their performance positively electric but also their crowd interaction was exceptional, definitely proving themselves to be a duo not to be missed. Their in-between song banter was that of comedic genius, which featured a “downing” of a bottle of wine in true Leeds fashion by Chris.

They perfected the balance between old classic numbers from their highly acclaimed first album ‘With Love and Squalor’ and their new punchier favourites including the new single ‘Something about you’. It did not take them long for the duo to whip the audience into a frenzy of cheering and dancing, starting with the timeless single ‘After hours’. This energy and vibrant atmosphere continued throughout the whole of the set which finished ending on the high of ‘It’s a Hit’. Although the venue was rather crowded the gig had a very personal and exclusive quality to it. The We Are Scientists’ gig experience undoubtedly filled the audience with laughter, excitement and anticipation; overall a total must-see band.

Lizzie Gatenby

Aquilo - Aquilo EP 

I am really enjoying this EP, it’s dreamy, it’s soft, it’s got two amazing vocalists, and it’s local! This duo are from the lake district and the beauty and serenity of where they live is an obvious influence in the music that they make. I hope you enjoy this song!

REVIEW - Bombay Bicycle Club @ 02 Academy Leeds

On Sunday 2nd March, I was all dressed up and ready to enjoy something a little special. Bombay Bicycle Club have been on my radar for a few years but I had never gotten around to listening and enjoying any of their albums. Regardless, I jumped at the chance to see them perform on the first leg of the UK tour here in Leeds and they didn’t disappoint. 

Their hour and a half set was crammed with crowd favourites and a good selection of tracks from the latest album, So Long, See You Tomorrow. The whole show had some of the best stage lighting I’ve ever seen, with a rainbow of colours and perfectly timed strobing. Another feature that made their whole performance stand out with the use of moving art on the back of the stage that synced with the music and the stories behind the songs. This definitely made up for the lack of interaction with the crowd. 

Another point I have to note was that the support acts, Flyte and Rae Morris, that was chosen were spot on with catchy melodies and plenty of talent to get the whole crowd ready for a great show by Bombay Bicycle Club. If you get the chance to see these guys perform, take it!

Words by Isabelle Bayman

Vancouver Sleep Clinic - Winter EP

I’ve just started listening to this EP. It has a majestic, atmospheric feel that just transports you when you listen to it. The vocals are very much in the style of Bon Iver; but I don’t mind because I love Bon Iver - this just gives me a great feeling of being alive when I listen to this EP. This song, ‘Vapour’ really does stand out though, with it’s gradual build and it’s haunting vocals. 

Ásgeir - In the Silence

I love this song, really, I think it’s so clever. The lyrics, the piano riff that carries throughout the song and way the drums build. Ásgeir impresses me every time I listen to him, Torrent is a great song and the album is certain on my wishlist. This icelandic singer-songwriter is one to watch!

Gig of the Week

Bombay Bicycle Club - 2nd March - 02 Academy 

Bombay Bicycle Club Tickets

If you haven’t heard of this band before, where have you been? Bombay Bicycle Club have been on my radar since my high school days and they are coming to Leeds! I’m going with my best friend and it’s going to be a great night - their dreamy but uplifting sound is going to create a great atmosphere and I hope to see you there!

Gig of the Week

Twenty One Pilots - 22nd February - Cockpit

Twenty One Pilots

These guys really stole my summer last year, they were all my friends could talk about and if you are one of those stubborn people that doesn’t listen to music because it’s getting popular - don’t do that with this band. They are a sound that actually feels unique - there mix of steady drumbeats, electronic sounds and vocals that really jumps between rapping and singing effortlessly. 

Check them out - this is the gig to be at this weekend!

Bad Suns - Transpose EP

Okay, I’m not going to mince my words, this EP is pretty good. I’ve been listening to it a lot; so I must say that when the single ‘Transpose’ gets released on the 24th March you should download it. The whole EP is already available on iTunes and this is my suggestion to get you through the rest of your week. 

It has catchy riffs and drum beats and a vocalist that can soothe as well as get you moving. This four-piece band of young (19-22) musicians really create a great sound. 

I hope you enjoy this song and let me know what you think of the EP - have a great week!

Gigs of the Week!

It’s coming up to Valentine’s this Friday but whether you have someone or not there are plenty of gigs you could be going to instead, this Saturday pretty much every music venue in Leeds is supporting someone and here are the two I think are going to be the best.

Newton Faulkner - 15th February - 02 Academy 

This guy has been around a while now and if you aren’t listening to his music yet you really should be! He has a great raw sound, his voice is simple easy listening and his talent is evident as you just chill out to his music. I really think if you can get to this gig you should; I’ve heard he is amazing live!

Lauren Acquilina - 15th February - The Wardrobe

I am not going to lie, I am a huge fan of this girl and her two EP’s (listen to her voice!) Her hauntingly beautiful, clear vocals channel her music into it’s own genre. She does the un-cliqued love song in a way that really makes you engage with her lyrics and I have no doubt that she would be just as pitch perfect live.

Cheatahs - Cheatahs

Cheatahs new self named debut album is released on Monday 10th February (and they are playing in Leeds on the 17th - You should go! Lippy is!) and I think it is awesome. This is band is going to make you excited for Spring and the good weather that will eventually come and good times with friends.

I’ve had the chance to listen through the whole album already and it’s got such a great feel as a debut album. I suggest getting into these guys before they get famous - their stuff is good.

So check out this band and their new material and I hope you all have a great weekend!

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